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Where Are You?

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This video is something I recorded today after feeling an overwhelming sense to do so. Listen…

What a Single Mom Said About FGF

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I contacted the Fatherless Generation Foundation to get some mentoring for my 12 year old son since being “fatherless” has been affecting him emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When contacting Ms. Torri Evans we made a date to meet to discuss some options and ideas that would benefit my son.  In the meantime while working on a plan that would be consistent for him she told me about the peer groups that she provides at The Boys and Girls Club at Brookhaven and others as well. I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to attend to see what she can provide and to see how the children react to the activities, conversations and just in general but to also be a part of something that would make a positive impact in their lives.

I attended the peer group from ages 10 to 12 years old along with my son. I must say this was one of the most enlightening experiences I have had in a while. As we entered the club all the children ran to Ms. Evans and hugged her, they were excited to get the activities started even the ones who knew it was not their day to participate begged to be involved. She started with two songs to dance to so they can get pumped up and ready, not as if they needed it because they were already excited but it was a lot of fun for myself just watching the kids dancing and singing. She then continued with a video that expressed abandonment and rejection in a very touching way that brought tears to my eyes. This video did not only bring my own pain back but I felt the pain of my son as well. Now there was a discussion held after the video and it was an opportunity for the kids to release their emotions and feelings on being without a parent in the household. Some cried, some did not want to speak and some kids could not stop talking at all. After the group discussion was over some of them still just wanted to stay and vent some more.

The Fatherless Generation Foundation provides an outlet for children who may have a hard time discussing things with the parents or any other loved one. It allows them to express their anger, their hurt, and the love that they have. It gives them a chance to show how huge of a soul they have in such a little body. Sometimes us as parents forget that they are going through a lot as well, that they have feelings as well because we are so wrapped up in all of our responsibilities. The foundation allows them to see that just because they may feel neglected or rejected that the reality is they are great children and it is not their fault and it does not mean they can not be successful. What it simply shows them is that they can be anything they want, they can be great parents, they can break the cycle and they can get through it. The way to get through it is releasing, expressing and learning and that is what FGF is all about. I know for a fact if I had this growing up I would have had an easier time growing up without my father in my life.  If there were a lot more groups such as this one this world would be a better place.

By Kimberly Seabrook


Beyond Fatherless

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We have established that the statistics say, 24 million people are or have grown up without their biological fathers in their lives.  The statistics go on to say 40% of all American households are fatherless and 70% of African American households are fatherless. But once the statistics have been touted now what? How do they play out in your personal affairs? Does your elementary school teacher give you a break because your dad left home last month? Or how about… Does your boss have sympathy for you because you grew up without your father and today is a bad day for you because it is “Father’s Day?” NOPE!

There is so much more to being “Fatherless” than some numbers!  In the next few weeks we will begin filming a documentary called “Beyond Fatherless!” This documentary delves into the life of fatherless celebrities, business owners, politicians and more.