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Leadership is Influence

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“Leadership is Influence” -John Maxwell

Leadership is Influence?  Hmmm…?  This statement kept lingering in my mind after I read it.  It made me think about the type of leadership I have had in my life as well as the type of leadership I have exemplified. If “Leadership is Influence” then some of us are clearly in trouble.

There are some who have had all of the right examples in life from family, to education, to business, to spirituality, etc creating what most would call a “successful life”. But there are some of US who have lacked the right examples so much so our lives are a journey of trial and error.  We seem to be wandering around as if the lights are off, stubbing our toes on hard surfaces and stumbling upon items intended to be the foundation of who were are as we seek out the light switch.

If “Leadership is Influence” what can you do in order to have the RIGHT influence in your life as well as become the RIGHT influence for someone else’s life?  One word… MENTOR!

Mentoring is the key when embarking on something new which you have little experience or knowledge of!  Through the course of my life I have had several mentors for various things.  And in each mentoring process I have learned a lot about myself and the project I was working.  The Fatherless Generation Foundation is dedicated to influencing this generation for the better and not for the worse.  The FGF mentoring program consists of “Husband & Wife Mentoring Teams” which help children from a single parent household see the dynamic of a two-parent household.  This is vital to society because if one never sees a positive example of marriage in action how will they be able to replicate it?  Our mentoring program is not intended to present marriage as “perfect” but it is intended to present marriage as a  functional aspect of life.

Today is BE A MENTOR day for FGF!  We are seeking out more “Husband & Wife Teams” who are interested in becoming a mentor for a fatherless child.  If you are interested, please fill out this form and return to

It Ain’t Easy

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If you only knew the level of gratitude I feel concerning God trusting me with the vision and journey of FGF.  But the truth is… It ain’t easy!

Last week we threw a Back to School Event that had many challenges!  I PLANNED for speakers, mascots, musicians, give-a-ways and more. We would distribute 250 Backpacks to kids from this area.  As you read in one of my posts the organization that promised us the backpacks forgot about us and we had to figure it out on our own at the last minute.  Or should I say… I HAD TO FIGURE IT OUT ON MY OWN!  We had people cancelling at the last minute for things they had promised.  One thing I vow to be is a WOMAN of my word which is hard when people aren’t.  So… I had to figure this out too!

While at the event it didn’t seem to let up.  More challenges presented themselves.  And the last straw was when one of the vendor tents blew off the parking lot onto Piedmont Road causing a major accident.  As we ran to see the damage we realized no one was really hurt… THANK THE LORD, but a Lexus as damaged.  With everything else I had to figure out financially… now this!  Business Insurance has a high deductible and it is cheaper to pay out of pocket. Still wondering “Whose pocket” though?!?!?

On Monday, I woke up with debt but still hope that The Fatherless Generation Foundation is impacting people without fathers all over this world!

As I reflected on the Back To School Event, FGF distributed school supplies to 45 Children, provided FREE Manicures and FREE Haircuts to the children and new back to school outfits to 13 girls.  Not bad for our FIRST.

Don’t give up. I’m Not! No one promised it would be easy!

-Torri J. Evans

The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc.

Founder & Executive Director